damage control

or what i like to call “let’s put her under hypnosis and see what happens”…

i want to talk about healing.  i want to talk about burying things instead of dealing with them.  i want to talk about how this isn’t rubbish and it really will come back to bite you in the butt at some point.

when you least expect it.

i mean, i’m 3-1/2 years into a brand new life, complete 180 from where i was just 4 years ago.  i’ve done some years with a 12 step program, learning tools that not only help me not pick up that bottle of wine, but that helped me deal with my daily life.

the one thing it didn’t do, because i didn’t let it, was help repair the damage done by the dark parts of my life.  i kept them buried… secret and black, oily and acrid…old black dried blood waiting to be regurgitated….

and the dark parts started coming out, via the night terrors, via panic attacks, via phobias and totally irrational fears.  via low self esteem and constant need to please others, via fear to disappoint or fail in any way.

and then finally i said ‘i give’.  i had the full support of my husband, something i treasure and acknowledge.  i put the word out about the night terrors .   and the offers of help came in.  from my friend nancy wolf, who skyped with me for over an hour and helped me go in the right direction – talking about the sexual assault and the sexual abuse from my high school shop teacher.  and then hearing from the dozens (literally dozens) of women that messaged me privately to tell me their stories were similar and to thank me for being brave and speaking out.  and from all my friends and family that commented, listened, hugged and cried with me.

and from a woman named tzveta davinci.

tzveta and her partner lori have been very close friends of ours for a couple of years now.   we met them at scranberry, our home away from home which just happens to be their business.  it’s a rare week that goes by that we’re not all together somewhere, somehow.

tzveta even performed part of our wedding ceremony which many of you watched live on facebook.   she mesmerized the entire physical audience, and from your comments on the video thread, she mesmerized most of you too.

tzveta has a certain magic.  or alchemy.  or spiritual being… or any of those buzz words you hear today.   she has an energy that vibrates from her.  i have never met anyone that lives life like tzveta.  she has captured the secret, and she lives in each moment with joy… she is able to find the joy in the darkest of all the hidden things.  and that’s her talent… she knows how to get you there…

she has lived all over the world, in jungles… with shamans… in luxury… she has experienced more in her years than most, yet is as approachable as a member of your own family.

so after i came out with the story of the assault and abuse, lori messaged me and told me how important it was that i work with tzveta.

see, tzveta does all kinds of cool things like spiral readings, card readings, tanza meditations… and hypnosis.

so i said ok.  i trusted tzveta, i knew she loved me and would never harm me, and what the heck, i was open to anything that would help me. so i met with tzveta twice.

and when i tell you that it was life changing, i’m not exaggerating.  through hypnosis and meditation and probably a little tzveta magic, i have been given tools again.  as tzveta said, the download has started… we shall see what happens from here.  my head’s in a good place.  tools.

tools are the key, people, tools are the key.  have your plan in place, and have your tools handy.

i am not going to go into detail here as to what my tools are or how tzveta brought them to me, but if anyone has any specific questions, feel free to message me and i’ll go further down the rabbit hole in private. (oh, remember that dark, old blood that looks like coffee grounds waiting to be regurgitated?  it plays a part) (no, i didn’t actually regurgitate anything)

just let me say that tzveta comes from a place of pure love.  you feel safe and secure.

here is a link to her website, and i’ll post a link to her facebook page in a facebook post.

i urge you to click and look…

click me to go to tzveta’s site!!!



One thought on “damage control

  1. Walt Godek says:

    Oh yea.. Tzveta helps U Focus 🙂

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